My journey from Marine to actor | Adam Driver


2 years ago

2020 AITAF Overview

In honor of Co-Founder Adam Driver's birthday, we're releasing this quick glimpse of AITAF, which debuted last week as part of The Reel Thing - enjoy! And Happy Birthday Adam - thank you for your vision and leadership!...

2 years ago

AITAF Archives - Francois Battiste

Introducing the AITAF Archives - an exclusive look into some of our past performances. In this video, Francois Battiste performs a monologue from THE COLORED MUSEUM by George C. Wolfe at the 2013 Veterans Day Celebration on Broadway....

4 years ago

AITAF MRE Challenge - Alex Breaux and Darren Pettie

Thanks to West Point for their gift of MRE’s, and many thanks to Alex Breaux and Darren Pettie for being such good sports! Darren is a Navy Veteran, and he never had to eat one while he served. The Marines with us especially enjoyed...