Playwriting Resources

If you've never written a play before, a great way to start is by reading other plays to become familiar with formatting and style, and to get a sense of how you might tell your own particular story. There are also a myriad of educational resources out there and your local library or bookstore should have a selection of playwriting books available.

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Playwrights on Playwriting: From Ibsen to Ionesco

    by Toby Cole

  • The Art and Craft of Playwriting

    by Jeffrey Hatcher

  • The Art of Dramatic Writing

    by Lajos Egri

  • Playwriting, Brief and Brilliant

    by Julie Jensen

  • You Can Write a Play!

    by Milton E. Polsky

  • The Dramatists Toolkit and Solving Your Script

    by Jeffrey Sweet

  • New Playwriting Strategies

    by Paul Castagno

  • How Plays Work

    by David Edgar

*AITAF does not endorse these books over any others

You might also find resources and guidance on the following websites: