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About the AITAF Action Fund

The AITAF Action Fund is a newly created strategic reserve to provide arts and dialogue to the military community, particularly in a swift response to a disruptive event on base. We all can attest to the fact that in times of crisis, people lean into the arts; artists entertain us, comfort us, and offer an opportunity to consider and discuss our common humanity. 

By contributing to the Action Fund, you can be a part of providing these morale-boosting, community-building artistic experiences to the military and veteran community where and when they are needed most. 

It's a match!

The best part?  Craig Newmark Philanthropies matched every gift EVERY GIFT up to $100,000. 

Give an honor or tribute

Want to name your gift in honor of or in memory of a loved one? All donors of $50 and up will be listed on the Virtual Donor Wall in the manner they choose.

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Share YOUR story of turning to the arts on your own social media, tagging @aitaf and #AITAFActionFund, to let your friends know that you supported this mission!

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Virtual Donor Wall

$100,000 and up

Craig Newmark Philanthropies

$50,000 to $99,999

$25,000 to $49,999


$10,000 to $24,999

AITAF Producers Club

Cynthia Stroum (Stroum Family Foundation)

$5,000 to $9,999


Paul Kalsbeek

Mary Solomon/GSGives

$1,000 to $4,999


Stephen H. Belber

Michael Boyd, in memory of Augustus Boyd

Larry and Daniel Lennox-Choate

GoFundMe Campaign


Andrea and Quinn Fionda

Annie Golden

$500 to $999

Anonymous (2)

Cynthia A. May, in honor of James M. May

$100 to $499

Anonymous (3)

Anonymous via FOB Headhunter

In memory of Master Sergeant Aviadeo T. Borsetti

Gina Buban, in memory of the Sacco Brothers

Katrina Bungert

Megan Dellolio, in memory of Joseph Mason

Rightor Doyle


Fandom Focused Creations

Andrea Farley

Amy Greep, in memory of Don Jeffers

Rebecca Guy

Julia Hoagland

Kelly Hodgson

Corey Pallatto Hughan

Montana Leigh

Harat A. Manges

Rose Mikalonis

Mom of a USAF Veteran, Adam M. Silvas

Van Thanh Tran Nguyen

M. Patricia O'Connell, Ltc, USA Ret.

In memory of Kenny Reusser

The Stories of Service Foundation

Dawn Traverso

In memory of SSG James O. Twist

Debra Winger and Arliss Howard

Lt. Col. Gregory Wood

$50 to $99



Anonymous (6)

Eric Axdorff

Mary B.

In memory of Martha Bartlett, US Army Nurse Corps

Cari Bear

Carole Bianchi

Michala Biondi

In honor of Jason Brooks, US Air Force

In honor of John Brostrom

Johanna A. Brown

Rebecca C-B

Jameson D. Combs

Sarah Brotons, in honor of Mary O'Connell U.S. ARMY

Christa Cordero

Erin Dawson

Alysse F.

Jenna Figueroa

Caroline Foust

Jeff and Soung Gibbons

Julie M. Gross

The Harasimowicz Family

Emily Ippolito, in memory of Harry Young

For James and Nicola, two brave men who went to war for our country

Joanne Jenkins

Claire Kalsbeek

Biane Kidwell

Samantha Kuhl

Erica K. Lein

Chelsea Matthews in memory of Gordon S. Marshall

Leslie McBain

Alex LaChance Orlowski

Andrew E. Ott

M. A. Padron

Arthur and Colleen Rich

Brandon Paul Rider

Kristen M. Taylor

Rhonda Urschel, in memory of my Vietnam Veteran, Bob

Samantha Vanderputt, in memory of John Bench

Brian Van Reet, in memory of Inis Van Reet

Kiri Stroh

MCpl Scottie Vernelli (Canada)

In memory of Robert Lee West, Jr. and Raymond Foster

Loraine Williams

Sariah Wilson

Lauren B. Wood

Patrick Edward Wynne

Karen L. Yun