Military Installation Events

AITAF currently partners with military installations all over the world to provide a communal artistic experience to the military personnel stationed there. AITAF staff and volunteer professional actors travel together to the base, perform, and after the presentation, the artists participate in a Q&A session with the audience, focusing on the themes and process of the work. 
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Also, while on base, AITAF team members take time to train in the specialty of the installation, so there is a true exchange between the artists and service members. An AITAF trip typically lasts two days.
Camp Lemonnier

Bridge Awards

The Bridge Awards for Playwriting and Screenwriting seek to identify and encourage talented screenwriters and playwrights from the military community, and are open to all persons who are currently serving or have served in the United States military, regardless of age, experience, or background. 

With a $10,000 cash prize, the Award gives aspiring filmmakers with a military background the resources and mentorship to advance their visions and refine their work, encouraging members of the military community to conceive of themselves as artists and to tell their important and powerful stories.

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Student Veteran Internship Program

AITAF's Student Veteran Intern Program is offered to Veterans currently enrolled full-time in a college or university. During the school semester, local student interns are offered part time work at minimum wage, and in the summer, AITAF offers a stipend comparable to the GI Bill to enable student Veterans the opportunity to relocate to New York City for the season. 

The program structure includes engaging in AITAF's work by playing a key role in the daily activities of a small non-profit, and assisting with external events on military bases and other facilities; and completion of at least one internal project that enables AITAF to enact our mission more effectively.

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Virtual Film Screening

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, AITAF pivoted to virtual events in 2020, which proved to be both popular and accessible. The format includes a moderated discussion between a guest artist from the AITAF community, who chooses their favorite film to discuss, and a member of our military community. Military audience members can register for access to view the film and also participate in a live Q&A with AITAF’s guest artist via Zoom. 

Depending on the guest, AITAF has reached between 100-1200 participants on any given virtual event.

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Film Screening

Veterans Day on Broadway

AITAF’s cornerstone event is the annual Veterans Day performance on a Broadway stage. Tickets are free for any Veteran, active duty service member, and their guests, and the evening includes a pre-show reception and a post-show Q&A with the actors.
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Veteran Events

A small number of events per year are open to Veterans as well as active duty service members. AITAF produces readings on professional stages or in Veteran communities, always followed by a Q&A period for the actors and the audience to interact. In addition to its annual Veterans Day on Broadway event, AITAF has performed at various locations for the Veteran community.
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